Boundaries are something we encounter every day, but none are more restricting than the ones we create ourselves. As someone from a richly forested area in Pennsylvania, I grew up with a deep appreciation for nature and its unsurpassable importance and beauty. Upon moving to New York City, I became acutely aware of the societal structures we’ve built for ourselves that so wholly separate us from our natural environment. These self-imposed boundaries exist both physically as asphalt and concrete, as well as virtually through social media and technological advances. After realizing how disconnected people have become from the natural environment, I chose to focus on reminding the viewer that our planet and its natural gifts are too valuable to disregard or dismiss, and that our inherent connection with the earth cannot be erased. Through the use of double exposures, I aimed to show that nature is still a part of us and our heritage even if we cannot see it, and we must learn to appreciate its irreplaceable value.