Today's Event: Contest Judge!

Today will be a new and very different kind of venture than my usual photographic endeavors; I will be judging Adorama's Next Top Fashion Photographer contest! I can't wait to see what kind of images the contest entrants produce, though I am a little nervous too, as I've never judged a contest before. I'm grateful to embark on this new territory however, and hopefully I will do the judging process justice. Below are the 2 finalists' [L (L) and Ron Specs (R), respectively] work from Part One of the contest:

The event starts at 5pm, and you can register for the event here. Unfortunately the entry process is already closed, as I will be judging the two finalists from part one of the contest (today is part 2 to select the overall winner), but I hope to see you come out and support the final contestants (and myself as well)!