New Booya Fitness Promo Photos!

A little delayed, but here are some of the final images we used for the most recent Booya Fitness exercise video shoot! We got to work with some fabulously fit trainers, and the studio we used had fantastic lighting. As always, getting to work with Hallman Productions is spirited and fun, two favorite aspects of any work I have the pleasure of doing. Looking forward to doing the next shoot in a few weeks, and can't wait to show you the results!

Newest Booya Fitness, Behind-The-Scenes!

I finally just completed my most recent set of photos for Booya Fitness, and so have decided to give you all a sneak preview with some glimpses behind the scenes! Once again, I was in collaboration with my wonderful and talented friend Ben Hallman of Hallman Productions, and working with him is always a treat (and it never feels like work!). Already counting down the days to the next shoot!

I can't wait to see the newest finished videos, and  start making time to work out, because these videos are pretty awesome and actually make me want to exercise!